Monday, 27 February 2012

Today, I have...

Well, I've done many things today... Mostly not Productive, I must admit. First period - I spent period 1 researching Neil Pardington, and viewing his artwork. That's productive. - I also called Sally asian. But it's okay, coz she is..... Second period - Jeremy, Kellah, and Lia ate all of Caroline's spaghetti bolognase. - Lia and Jeremy fooled around with a cardboard box...? - I stapled a pencil to the wall, And got growled for firing staples into an apple. Kellah you know that was your idea, quit denying. Maybe that wasn't so productive. Break one - Lia and I went home to get lunch. MY LADY GAGA TICKETS WERE AT MY HOUSE!!!!! - My dog peed when she saw Lia. Third period - I spent most of third period staring at my reading response, wondering what to write, and unable to understand miss Strothers handwriting. - Miss Strother helped me understand Neil Pardington's work at a deeper level. Who said English teachers were useless?? Fourth period - Listened to Adele and thought much about noodles. Very productive. - Had my ID photo taken. Iyy hope ma hurr was did. Break two - Gemma poured boiling water all over her leg and the floor and then exploded her noodles in the microwave. Literally, they exploded. In hindsight i wish i'd taken pictures. P.s Gemma, clean the microwave plezzz...... - Listened to Adele some more. Fifth period - WATERMELON!!!!!! - Discussed all of the above, previous to writing this post....took me most of the period to be perfectly honest. Now the iPad is going flat. Ahhh 1percent left!!!! Kbyeeeeee. Xoxo gossip goat.

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  1. Good to read your reflections on the day Joel. Hopefully there'll be more of the period one type action, and less pouring of boiling water!