Sunday, 4 March 2012

Goals for the week!!!!

- To have all of my questions for Neil Pardington written/edited and sent off.
- To have completed my interview process with Neil Pardington, and begun/completed my article.
- To have a clear idea on the design direction for the mag.
- To make sure Sally contacts somebody resembling an artist.
- To complete all research regarding FJMT + Archimedia.
- To contact somebody at FJMT/Archimedia - Involved in the design of The New Auckland Art Gallery
- To attend school.
- To make it to maths this week and apologise to my teacher to make a fresh start. (i'm really scared to face her, thats why i haven't been)
- k gotta go, i have maths now. ahhhhh

1 comment:

  1. Good set of goals Joel. Hopefully together we can get Sally sorted! :-)

    Looking forward to hearing the ideas you have for the magazine design tomorrow.